Brindisi Rent car

Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum age required is 20 years, with a minimum driving license issuance of one year.

All car rentals include third-party liability insurance with a minimum coverage amount depending on legislation. Theft and fire are also included, typically with a deductible in case of damage or theft to the rental car. Roadside assistance, replacement car, and medical assistance are included at no additional cost.

If the car is not returned on the day and time specified in the contract, with a grace period of 60 minutes, an additional day's rental will be charged. The customer must notify the rental company by phone.

At the time of pickup, you must present the Salento Car Rental voucher along with your driver's license, passport or ID card, and credit card. If paying by debit card, you will pay the full amount upon car delivery, including any deposit amount if applicable.

  • Failure to refuel Full/Full minimum cost € 15
  • Dirt stains requiring interior cleaning or special exterior washing due to improper use will have a variable cost up to a maximum of € 80
  • Failure to comply with the smoking ban will result in the interior sanitization at the customer's total expense with a charge of € 60
  • Delays in delivery/return times exceeding 15 minutes and not communicated with at least 45 minutes' notice may result in a penalty ranging from a minimum of € 10 to a maximum of € 50
  • Damage to the cars of any type and extent must be fully compensated (excluding damage covered by any insurance policies)

Only with prior authorization from the rental company.

Additional drivers must be registered in the rental agreement. Additional drivers must be present at the time of car pick-up and provide a valid driver's license, passport, or ID card.
Most car rental companies charge a daily fee for additional drivers. does NOT charge any additional fees.
Gran parte delle compagnie di noleggio auto prevedono il pagamento di una tassa giornaliera per i guidatori aggiuntivi NON prevede nessuna tassa aggiuntiva. is very flexible and will always find the best solution to meet its customers' needs. Therefore, at the time of booking, you can request the delivery and pick-up of the rental car (for an additional cost) in any location in Salento. Some examples can be Brindisi Airport (Aeroporto Popola Casale Aeroporto del Salento), train stations in Brindisi, Lecce, and surrounding provinces, hotels, B&Bs, campsites, and tourist locations in Salento. can guarantee a certain category of car, but not a specific model. The cars come from different manufacturers within the same category and have the same characteristics as confirmed at the time of booking.

The deposit can be made in cash or through a credit card, which must be an international credit card in the name of the main driver as indicated on the voucher.

At the time of rental, a minimum security deposit of €400.00 must be provided to cover some optional costs, the cost of fuel (based on the full tank option), and the CDW excess. This is usually done by blocking a corresponding amount directly on the credit card, which will be released once the car is returned in the same condition. For rentals made WITHOUT A CREDIT CARD, if a deposit is required, it will be provided by the customer in cash and returned in the same manner upon the return of the car, unless there are charges for damages caused by the customer.

If there is no prior notice, reserves the right to alert the Octo Telematics operations center, which will remotely disable the car. Additionally, the customer will be charged €100.00 per day.

Our strength is flexibility... The rental period is based on 24 hours and begins at the exact time of pickup, as usually indicated on your rental contract. However, there is no penalty if the return is delayed by up to 60 minutes after the scheduled time stated in the contract. does not have its own pickup stations or car fleets at chosen locations. If you are not picking up the rental car at our office in Mesagne (Brindisi), one of our representatives will deliver the car to your chosen location (airport, station, hotel, or tourist location). is very flexible and will always find the best solution to meet its customers' needs.

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Yes. If you encountered issues during the rental, you can file a complaint. To contact our customer service, you can send an email to


At the time of rental, the vehicle will be delivered to the customer with a full tank of fuel.

The customer can choose between two options regarding the payment for the fuel:

Option 1 - Prepayment

The renter pays for a full tank of fuel at the time of rental and returns the vehicle with an empty tank. Any unused fuel will not be refunded.

Option 2 - Fuel refill or refund

The renter must return the vehicle with a full tank or pay for the fuel used but not refilled at the end of the rental. The per-liter price will be higher than that charged by regular gas stations.

Vehicle return policy

Always allow for a generous margin for returning the vehicle.
While prides itself on particularly fast return procedures, in some circumstances it may require a little extra time.
The vehicle must be returned in the same condition as it was rented, normal wear and tear excepted.
The vehicle will be inspected for damages upon return by both the customer and the rental agent.
In case of damage, the customer may be required to fill out a specific form.
Ensure to obtain a copy for any insurance procedure and/or reimbursement via credit card.
If a special cleaning of the vehicle is necessary, this will incur an additional charge directly to the customer.

Age requirements

The vehicle renter must be at least 21 years old.
Rental rates may be subject to surcharges for renters aged 21 to 24.
All renters must possess a valid driver's license. reserves the right to refuse vehicle rental if the renter demonstrates an inability to comply with traffic laws and conditions.

Responsibility for the rented vehicle

Salento Autonoleggio holds the renter responsible for returning the rented vehicle in the same condition as it was at pickup, except for normal wear and tear.
Unless prohibited by law, the renter may be held liable for all damages, including total loss, if the vehicle is damaged in an accident, stolen, or vandalized. This applies regardless of the renter's fault.
Additionally, the renter may be required to compensate for damages up to the total cost of the vehicle in case of total destruction or loss.
Ensure that any damage to the vehicle is properly documented before leaving the rental agency.