Brindisi Rent car

If your 5-seater car is too small for a trip with friends or family, don’t worry! Salento Autonoleggio has the solution: our 9-seater minibuses. With very competitive prices included in the rate, you can travel in comfort without sacrificing the company of your loved ones.

What we offer:

9-Seater Minibuses: Our minibuses are spacious and comfortable, perfect for groups of friends or families. You no longer have to worry about splitting the journey into multiple cars or leaving someone behind.

Comprehensive Insurance: The rate includes third-party liability insurance, theft, and fire coverage. Travel worry-free, knowing you’re protected in case of unforeseen events.

Experienced Driver: If you prefer to relax and enjoy the journey, we can provide you with an experienced driver. Let someone else handle the driving while you take in the scenery.

Roadside Assistance: In case of any issues on the road, we are ready to assist you. Our roadside assistance service ensures prompt support.

Replacement Vehicle: If the minibus experiences a breakdown, we will provide a replacement vehicle so you can continue your journey without interruptions.

Book your 9-seater minibus now and embark on an adventure with Salento Autonoleggio!