Brindisi Rent car

1. Terms and Conditions of Booking

1.1 This Agreement (“Agreement”) does not constitute a vehicle rental contract. Car rental services (hereinafter “Car Rental Services”) will be provided under a separate rental contract that will be concluded with ZURLO AUTO Srls P.Iva 02419080748, which will provide the vehicle (“Provider”), and you (hereinafter the “Customer”) must enter into such rental contract. Additionally, the Customer will be subject to the standard conditions of ZURLO AUTO Srls regarding driving eligibility.

1.2 For pre-paid online service bookings, the Customer concludes this Agreement with ZURLO AUTO Srls (see the Terms and Conditions of the Pre-Paid Online Service below).

1.3 The Customer acknowledges and agrees that any contractual relationship between the Customer and the Provider regarding the Car Rental Services will only be established at the time the Customer picks up the vehicle and will be subject to Italian law.

1.4 The Customer acknowledges that the rented vehicle may only circulate within the Italian State and may be extended to other countries only with the Provider’s authorization.

1.5 In case of non-compliance by the Customers with the prohibitions referred to in point 1.4, ZURLO AUTO Srls will be forced, in case of theft or destruction of the vehicle, under any circumstances, to charge the full market price of the vehicle. In the event of any repair required to the car, following damage caused by an accident, or of any mechanical nature, the full repair costs, including labor, shelter, transport for repatriation, and handling charges, as well as a reasonable charge for the economic loss of use of the car due to technical downtime, will be charged.

1.6 ZURLO AUTO Srls will not be liable in any way for price changes resulting from the application of laws that modify the percentage of VAT and airport/railway charges.

2. Terms and Conditions of the Pre-Paid Online and Telephone Service

2.1.1 Prepaid online and telephone bookings do not constitute a contract for the provision of car rental services. The contract will be concluded at the time of rental and will be subject to local laws and regulations. In the event of the impossibility or refusal of ZURLO AUTO Srls to provide the rental service, the total prepaid amount will be refunded.

2.1.2 Prepaid vouchers indicating a specific amount will be accepted by our rental offices as proof of payment of the booking cost. The voucher must be accompanied by a credit card or cash deposit where required, as a guarantee and to cover any charges not included in the value of the prepaid voucher, such as fuel, rental accessories not included in the rate (baby seat, GPS, chains, etc.), economic liability for damage or theft of the rented vehicle.

2.1.3 The rental contract is governed by the applicable terms and conditions. All rentals may be subject to additional charges (e.g., for special accessories, additional driver, minimum age, optional products, fuel, etc.).

2.1.4 All rentals are subject to an economic liability in case of damage or theft.

2.1.5 The voucher is valid exclusively for the date indicated and for the specified amount.


2.2.1 If a prepaid booking needs to be modified, the original voucher will be canceled, and the original amount refunded through a credit to the customer’s credit card. A new voucher will then be issued with the amount of the modified booking. The customer’s credit card will be charged for the new amount.

2.2.2 No administrative fees will be charged for modified bookings unless the correction significantly changes the original booking (e.g., vehicle pick-up or drop-off location, rental date, customer name, reserved car group), in which case it will be subject to the cancellation penalty detailed below.

2.2.3 All modification requests are subject to the current availability of the requested vehicle.

2.2.4 Prices may differ between those indicated in the original booking and those in the modified booking. In this case, the latest listed price will apply.


2.3.1 Customers can cancel a prepaid booking and receive a 50% refund of the total amount if the cancellation occurs at least 7 days before the scheduled pick-up date. Administrative fees of €25.00 will still be charged.

2.3.2 For cancellations with less than 7 days’ notice before the scheduled pick-up date, no refund will be issued.

2.3.3 Cancellation or modification must be made by calling our offices.

Unused Days:

2.4.1 No refund is provided for unused days on prepaid vouchers once the rental has started.

2.4.2 The customer will not be entitled to any refund if the vehicle is not picked up on the booking date.


2.5.1 If you wish to extend a rental once it has already started, the local rental rates and procedures for the additional days will apply, and the additional charge will be made to the customer’s credit card or cash payment where applicable.


2.6.1 In case of disputes, the customer must write an email to the following address: